I was one of the billions of people who also made it to the city that never sleeps!! My husband’s work took us to this amazing city and luckily, he brought super cool colleagues. One of them had his wife accompanying him, too. So, you get the image: while the men were working, the wives were having the time of their lives. Haha! But luckily, our diligent men were joining us for many times.

Obviously, there is a lot to see in New York, among my highlights were biking in the Central Park, a historic tour through Brooklyn and the following walk along the East River, a private tour through the UN building, the Highline and Meatpacking District, the many ferry rides to our friend in Williamsburg, and the day at Rockaway Beach. Oh yes, and the amazing Burgers (e.g. at Five Napkins). And watching the Broadway Show “Of mice and men” with the Hollywood Stars James Franco and Chris O’Dowd. 

Ok, this list is never-ending!!! Long story short: It was simply amazing!!! I’m aware that there are many photos of New York online already, so I’m hoping I can show you something new or a motive from a different angle. On a side note: New York, teh city that never sleeps? No way! I was quite surprised to find that most shops close latest at 10pm and don’t open until 9 am, including all the restos and cafés – at least on my side of Manhattan!! It was not always easy to find the morning coffee or a midnight snack.

Photos taken in June 2014.

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