My drawings are defined by places or themes. So far, I’ve worked on a paper size of A5 with copic markers and fineliners. Some of my drawing provide very detailed information, others are rather rough sketches.

If you wish to have one of those pictures hanging on your wall, I can provide you with prints. So far, I have made very good experiences producing prints with a size of up to 60*80 cm.

Seville, ESP

As my father recently moved to the gorgeous and lively Andalusian city of Seville, I visited him as soon as I could! … [Read more]

Denpasar, IND

Inspired to be working in the international development field after a short time of social engagement in East Timor, I was committed to use my study subject urban planning as a gateway to international development. … [Read more]


It was during my four-month stay in Kenya that I rediscovered my love to draw. … [Read more]

Kenya’s Landscapes

Just as soon as I started my internship in Nairobi, all the colleagues and interns that arrived before me were swooning for Kenya’s beauty. … [Read more]


I admire plants. The various shapes, the patterns of the leaves, the bright colors of the blossom are fascinating … [Read more]

Singapore, SGP

During the late summer and early fall 2018 I had the opportunity to visit Singapore twice. What a wonderland Singapore is … [Read more]