Kenya black and white. Usually, I love colors. I really do! But we all know that sometimes, black & white pictures add a certain depth to the image. B&W could give the picture a classy, retro or mystical look.

This gallery shows a few pictures from my different travel spots: Nairobi, Ngong Hills, Naivasha, Diani Beach, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Mount Kenya.

I have not intended to edit my Kenyan photos into b&w, however I planned to have some b&w pictures up on my kitchen wall. I thought it would suit the chrome and silver-ish elements and gives a cool look for my wooden furniture (take a look at my Instagram account to see the result). I ended up liking these photos so much, that I now want to show you those on my website. Don’t think these would be the last pictures from Kenya, there is more to come, and then with all shades of color!

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