When my husband and I visit Indonesia, we have our regular stops on Java and Bali as we have family and friends on these islands. Now that I know these places quite well, I wished to explore new places, and if possible, a new island. So we went further East than Bali and Lombok and made a four-day-stop at Labuan Bajo on Flores. Labuan Bajo is a small but growing tourist place at the island’s coast and right in front of the Komodo National Park. The four days allowed us enough time to do a jungle trek down a mountain towards a waterfall. The other day we rented a boat to ship through the Komodo National Park, a Marine Park with a few medium and many tiny islands, among them the island of Rinca where you can find the Komodo dragons. Another day we could explore a small cave which is a 20-minute drive away from the city, and we visited every local market in the area in order to get the spices I wanted to bring home. Unfortunately, it was not Vanilla season as I had hoped. The rest of the time we were sleeping and relaxing by the beach as we were actually pretty sick, especially my husband! I’m very thankful that we could still explore a lot as I was super curious to see more of Indonesia’s beauty.

Pictures taken in September 2016 with my SONY Nex-5R and iPhone SE.

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